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Ready to stop googling, get answers, and build a game plan?

As you've built your business, you've probably googled thousands of questions.

“How do I find clients?”


“How do I build a brand?”


”When should I launch my new site?”


And you've probably gotten thousands of answers—some which have served you, and some which definitely haven't.


Despite your now-excellent Google skills, the right answers aren't showing up.


Despite the hundreds or even thousands you've spent on courses, you're still struggling to implement these ideas in your own business.


Despite all of the freebies you've downloaded, all you have to show for it is an email inbox full of newsletters you don't want to read.

Enter Sweet Daddy Designs' VIP Days.

Built for companies with a few years under their belts or entrepreneurs straight out the gate, VIP Days are your chance to bring us on board for one full day—without the five-figure price tag.

Over 8 hours, we'll dive into every aspect of your brand, offer, or launch, talking everything from strategy and visuals to marketing and website design. Nothing is off limits as we spend an entire day making money moves for your business.

What Can We Get Done?

Strategy Workshops

Brand Updates

Website Updates 

Marketing Materials


1 Hour Strategy

We'll have a 60 minute strategy intensive to go over your goals and business.

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VIP Half Day

4 Hours of 1:1 time with Melissa dedicated to your business. 

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VIP Full Day

8 Hours of 1:1 time with Melissa dedicated to your business. 

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