Stop dreaming. Start doing.

anythings possible if you've got enough

You don’t want "clarity."

You want peace of mind.

You don’t want "branding."

You want the world to know with just a glance.

You don’t even want "to be profitable."

You want freedom to spend your days however you want.
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But to get what you really want, you need to:

  • Skip the back-and-forth with wishy-washy freelancers who need hours of hand-holding and step-by-step SOPs.

  • Steer clear of people who promise quick wins but deliver soulless templates.

  • Pass on contractors who take 12 weeks and four follow-up emails to get you what you asked for in the first place.

  • Veto those "final products" that somehow always miss the mark, even after a third round of revisions.


With a brand as bold as yours, you can’t hand it over to just anyone.

You need a strategic branding expert who can see where your brand is headed and give you what you need to get there.

You need someone who can give you…
☑ the peace of mind that strategy brings…

☑ a seamless system to show the world what you’re made of…
☑ the freedom to live the rebel life you’ve always wanted.


Why Work With Us?


Our signature 
80/20 process


Easy Payment Plans


No-fluff design that works for your business


We get you and your needs precisely


Brand Strategy

Wondering what’s been standing in your way? Get the answers you need, customized for your brand, with our signature brand strategy process. Brand strategy is the cornerstone of connecting with your target audience, fostering customer loyalty, and steady, scalable growth.

Designed for any brand at any stage of business, the Brand Master Guide will walk you through everything you need to create and maintain a brand that’s 100% you. This brand blueprint will guide every business decision you make from here on out.

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Brand Identity

It’s not good enough to simply stand out. Your brand is the type that needs to shine. When you’re ready to push the status quo, you need an innovative visual identity that tells the world exactly who you are by looks alone.

If your brand identity is stale, underdeveloped, or doesn’t even exist, you’re missing out on the opportunity to make an impact your audience will remember. Brand identity at Sweet Daddy Designs is so much more than just a logo. You’ll get an entire visual brand system made just for you with your audience in mind. 


Website Design

Your online storefront. Your corner of the internet. Your digital home. All cliches to describe the importance of a website, but underneath the marketing lingo, they're all saying the same thing: Your website is your space. Make it count.

It takes people less than a second to decide if they're going to stay on your site, so you better give them something to look at. With beautiful, strategy-backed website design, you'll be able to increase sales, delight your visitors, and finally convey just how valuable you are.

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VIP Day Rate

Built for companies with a few years under their belts, these VIP Days are your chance to bring us on board for one full day—without the five-figure price tag.

Over 8 hours, we'll dive into every aspect of your brand, offer, or launch, talking everything from strategy and visuals to marketing and website design. Nothing is off limits as we spend an entire day making money moves for your business.


Client Love Notes


Melissa doesn’t rely on trends, but instead focuses on what actually works for businesses. She’s not afraid to show you a different path that’s actually more beneficial for your brand. For such an intense and high-level service, she is the real deal.

- Franzine, Breezy Camper

How It Works: 



Fill out the form below to get the introductions started. On a discovery call, we'll talk all about the who, what, and why of your business to make sure we're a perfect fit.



We kick every project off with research and our work is always backed by strategy. We never cut corners and we leave no stone unturned as we create a roadmap for your growth.



Here's where we develop modern, innovative solutions for your brand identity and website. It's a creative and collaborative process that ends with an impactful final product that's just right.



Pour yourself a margarita: It's Launch Day! We'll have worked hard to create your new bold brand, so take a step back and celebrate yourself.

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