Why Small Businesses Need a Responsive Website

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Websites come in all shapes and sizes, but the most user friendly websites are responsive. “Responsive” means a website on a desktop computer will look just as good on a smaller screen aka a mobile phone or tablet.

Why is Responsive Design Important?

BECAUSE THE DESKTOP VERSION DOESN’T BELONG ON MOBILE. Period. Okay, a little dramatic, but hear me out. Going to a mobile site and seeing a desktop version, a full website that you have to pinch at the screen to see, is not fun. Looking at an article, recipe, or online store is a pain when you have to zoom and scoot on every few words.

Having a responsive design is a great way to keep your website visible on all devices and ranked well by Google.

Why Do Small Businesses Need Responsive Design?

Lots of People Use Mobile Search

By 2018, 44% of searches happened on a mobile device. This means more people are using their phone to look up the services you offer, find directions to your business, or find your social media handle.

It Helps You Rank Better

In 2016, Google started rolling out “Mobile First Indexing”

This means Google decided to put mobile websites first when indexing them, due to the higher amount of searches happening on mobile devices. To get ranked higher in Google searches, it’s important to showcase a website that will suite both mobile and desktop users.

It Keeps Your Brand Consistent

Instead of building, designing, and maintaining two different websites (one for mobile and one for desktop), your graphic designer will only need to focus on one main design. This saves time and ultimately money!

A mobile website is, at most times, the first impression a customer or client will have with your business. Whether their entry point is from social media or a google search, it is important to show your business off in the best way possible. This starts with mobile friendly websites.

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