Real Estate Mood Board

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

This branding concept is for Exit Keys, a real estate company specializing in vacation homes. This mood board uses a yellow theme to emphasize the happy and energetic feelings of being on vacation.

The first step in turning your business into a brand is curating a mood board. Mood boards are a great way to put your ideas "down on paper". Having your ideas visually laid out for you allows you to add and subtract what you really want. This makes things a lot easier when you find a branding studio to work with.

How to use mood boards?

  1. Find items that represent your business and give you inspiration.

  2. Start a Pinterest board to store all of your images.

  3. When working with a branding specialist have them listen to your ideas and then curate your mood board into a brand from a professional's perspective.

  4. Create a color palette to accommodate your mood board. 3-6 colors are ideal to give you a range of color. If working with a studio they will be able to create the color palette as well as guides on how to use it.

  5. Build your brand around your inspiration!

If you need help with creating mood boards or turning your business into a brand I am always available for a free audit!

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