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Sweet Daddy Designs is a branding studio that specializes in creative strategy, logo design, and website design.


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Hope Farms is a non-profit organization in Fort Worth, Texas that provides activity opportunities to inner-city boys and their moms. 

The problem that Hope Farm faced is a lack of younger donors giving to their organization. They had many older people involved in donating however, they wanted some younger faces. 

To combat this my team and I at Roxo decided to showcase Hope Farm's kids as the "Dream Team". In doing so, future donors as well as current ones would feel as if they are apart of the "team" that helps support the kids dreams and their future. 

For their branding campaign, I designed post cards for marketing collateral to send to potential donors. We decided to ask the kids what they wanted to be when they grow up and then let them illustrate it for the donors. On the backside of the postcard is the kids name, age, and a drawing. On the frontside would be a picture of the child along with the digital illustration that I drew to show off their dreams.

Other members worked on social media posts and flyers.